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Chad A. Norcross

Attorney At Law

Chad Aubrey Norcross was admitted to practice law in the State of Texas in June of 2003. He is also admitted to practice in the Eastern and Northern District federal courts of Texas.

Chad was born in Waxahachie, Texas, and attended public school in the surrounding area. Chad graduated college from the University of Texas with a bachelor’s degree in Business, Criminal Justice, and Philosophy.

Chad earned his law degree in 2001 from the Thomas M. Cooley law school located in Lansing, Michigan. Thomas M. Cooley law school was founded by a former Supreme Court Justice in Michigan. Chad completed law school in 2 years, while most students take 3 years to complete the program. Chad finished in the top 1/3 of his class. His concentration was in litigation. At the time Chad attended law school Thomas M. Cooley prided itself as being the hardest grading law school in the country. Thomas M. Cooley enjoyed high bar pass rates and was considered a very difficult law school to graduate from, as it used strict grading as a method to screen its students. Chad earned a certificate of merit in a course called “Law Practice” which meant he was number one in the class. Chad also excelled in Moot Court competition and had hands-on experience prior to graduation at the Washtenaw County Court located in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Chad moved back to Texas after graduation and started a law firm. Chad owned and managed a law firm with as many as 8 lawyers from 2004-2012. Chad was the former President of the North Texas Bar Association where he also managed the lawyer referral service program. Currently, Chad owns and manages a smaller law firm that primarily focuses on personal injury and civil litigation with an emphasis on providing personal attention to all clients. Chad is Board Certified in Civil Trial Law, which means he has extensive litigation experience.

One of the number one reasons people hire Chad is because he will take the time to speak with them about their case. He takes most of his client calls directly which means you do not have to waste valuable time being screened by other people. Chad just cuts to the chase so your case can get started quickly and efficiently.

A. Ross Stiles

Attorney At Law

Born in Beaumont, Texas, Allen Ross Stiles is a proud lifelong Texan. He grew up in Jefferson, Tarrant, and Ellis Counties before heading to College Station for his undergraduate degree. After graduating from Texas A&M University in 2016, he attended South Texas College of Law Houston and earned his license to practice law in the State of Texas in October of 2020.

During law school, Ross received hands on experience as a litigator. He spent time as a student-prosecutor for the Ft. Bend District Attorney’s office, focusing on crimes such as Domestic Violence, Prostitution, and Driving While Intoxicated. It was there that Ross learned that in order to successfully litigate a case, you must have a keen eye for detail when reviewing evidence, and then carefully plan out arguments and trial strategies.

After earning his bar card, Ross moved back to the DFW area to begin his career as a Criminal Defense Attorney with one of the largest criminal law firms in the state. He immediately took on a high case load over several areas, vigorously representing his clients in Dallas, Collin, Kaufman, Ellis, and Rockwall Counties. Ross quickly developed a rapport with his fellow defense attorneys, prosecutors, and judges as someone who could walk into a courtroom and get a case resolved in a favorable way to his client. He did so by understanding the facts of a case and analyzing them against the applicable laws to point out weaknesses in the prosecution’s argument and get them to move towards dismissal or reduced sentences.

Ross then accepted a position with a business based out of Addison, Texas that provided him with experience in the world of insurance. Ross worked with the most renowned attorneys across the country to handle criminal and civil cases that involved acts of self-defense by insured members. Understanding how insurance companies receive claims, the information used to process those claims, and how the coverage decisions are reached allows Ross to provide in-depth perspective to his current clients.

Today, Ross is an attorney with Norcross Law primarily focusing on personal injury and civil litigation. Ross chose to dedicate his career to personal injury law after finding himself as a plaintiff in his own personal injury suit. He understands firsthand that being involved in a personal injury case can be a complex and frustrating process. He uses this experience, combined with the skills he acquired over the years as a litigator, to secure the best possible outcome for his clients. He takes the time to walk each client through the potential avenues a case can follow so that they know they have an advocate who genuinely cares about the outcome of their case, and then fights for them until that outcome is realized